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The Sport Of The Arts

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One of our favorite things about working with young people is seeing creativity come to life in so many different ways. Some kids are incredible athletes, and some are great singers and some are truly gifted in the art of dramatically reading the backs of goldfish packets. You name the talent, we’ve seen the WiddyUP video. 

There is one type of group though that we see over and over signing up to use our video fundraising platform – performing artists. WiddyUP’s unique approach to showcasing talent while marketing the group (and of course being a lot of fun) is a huge reason why these groups keep coming back. And our commitment to celebrating the awesome of these groups is how we became a trusted partner of Winter Guard International, the world’s premier organization producing indoor color guard, percussion, and winds competitions.

Over the past 45 years, WGI has been bringing music to life through competitive performance and has attracted millions of performers from around the world. Not only are these competitions a great way to celebrate the amazing performers, but WGI’s educational materials often serve as curriculum in many schools that offer equipment and movement classes. On top of that, WGI has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to students that participate in their competitions. 

As awesome as these events are, participation does require money, and that’s where WiddyUP comes in. We are proud to help performing arts groups raise the money they need to enter WGI competitions and travel to regional or national events. We get excited when we see the uniforms they are able to buy and the equipment they can now afford to upgrade. We love hearing about the award ceremonies we have enabled because a group raised money with WiddyUP.

Performing artists are so inspiring and WGI is at the forefront of pushing them further into the spotlight they so richly deserve. We are proud to partner with WGI to help further the cause of this incredible sport and can’t wait to see even more young people take up their flags, drumsticks or instruments and let their creativity shine.