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The 5 Easy Steps of a WiddyUP Fundraiser

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The 5 easy steps of a WiddyUP Fundraiser

You’re here! You’ve made it! Maybe you heard about WiddyUP from a friend or have seen it in action yourself. Now you’ve found yourself needing a fundraiser for your students’ debate team or maybe the high school band, but have been left wanting more from other fundraisers you’ve tried in the past. Have no fear, WiddyUP’s got you covered! WiddyUP is a fundraising platform where kids create and share awesome videos with friends, family and anyone else in a unique way to raise money. Because we’ve found that donors don’t actually want another frozen cheesecake or a pot of poinsettias. We’ve found that donors would prefer to see the kids they care about having fun! In our experience, these unique connections students will build, undoubtedly lead to big, life changing donations. So let’s get you acquainted with our process!

WiddyUP Steps

Step 1: Create a Profile

Sign up for WiddyUP using this link, answer a few questions, and create a fundraising page.

Step 2: Share the Pitch

A Pitch video is basically a video message to donors. This is your chance to connect on a personal level with potential donors telling them why you’re raising money and what they’ll get for donating. You’ll want to create and upload your pitch video and share it with friends, family and other potential donors.

You can watch an example pitch video here. 

Step 3: Film the WiddyUP

What is a WiddyUP you ask? A WiddyUP is a video that showcases a talent, passion, hobby, interest or anything else that a kid loves to do. This can be anything from drawing a picture to tasting hot sauce, from pogo-sticking to pottery, from baking to building LEGOs. Whatever your child likes to do is fair game. 

You can watch a great example of a WiddyUP video here.

Step 4: Raise Some Money

Only donors get access to the WiddyUP video. This acts as both a thank you and a reward for their donation. We’ve found that donors are way more excited to give when they get something unique instead of another bar of chocolate or sponsored lap. The average donation from donors is $52!

Step 5: Take Home Your Earnings!

Unlike most fundraising platforms, WiddyUP returns 95% of everything you raise! Donors love knowing that students will actually get to take home the majority of their earnings.  

Our past WiddyUP users have been blown away by the massive successes they’ve seen using WiddyUP. Their stories speak for themselves!

Now that you know a little more about us, let’s make your dreams a reality! With WiddyUP, fundraising for your school, band, or team has never been easier!⁣⁣ Start fundraising today by signing up at widdyup.com and see what impact you can make with the help of WiddyUP!