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Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

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You have questions. We have answers. We know that trying new things can be hard, but, we want to show you how EASY and FUN fundraising can be.

At WiddyUP, we are dedicated to providing schools, clubs, and organizations with the tools they need to successfully fundraise and achieve their goals all while having the MOST fun. However, we understand that this new world of fundraising can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for those who are new to it. So we’re answering some of the most common questions we receive from parents and organizers to help you better understand how our platform works and how you can use it to reach your fundraising goals. Whether you’re a new user or have been using WiddyUP for a while, we hope this post will provide you with valuable information and insights. 

Frequently Asked Questions from Parents

Who can see my child’s videos?

We take privacy very seriously. Each user has control over who can see their videos. You choose between sharing with all WiddyUP participants, everyone in your group or just donors. But they are never shared with the public without express written consent.

Who are the donors?

Whoever you want! Share your fundraising page link with friends, family, social media, community members or anyone else you want to support you. The more you share, the more you raise.

What is a Pitch Video?

A Pitch video is basically a video message to donors. This is your chance to connect on a personal level with potential donors telling them why you’re raising money and what they’ll get for donating.

What is a WiddyUP Video?

A WiddyUP is a video that showcases a talent, passion, hobby, interest or anything else that a kid loves to do. This can be anything from drawing a picture to tasting hot sauce, from pogo-sticking to pottery, from baking to building LEGOs. Whatever your child likes to do is fair game.

What does the donor get?

Donors get access to the WiddyUP video. This acts as both a thank you and a reward for their donation. We’ve found that donors are way more excited to give when they get something unique instead of another bar of chocolate or sponsored lap, which is why the average donation is $52

Frequently Asked Questions from Organizers

Will I have to do everything myself?

Not a chance. Once you’ve registered your group, your primary job is to support and encourage your participants. That said, we have found the more involved you are the more money you will raise.

Is there a sign up fee?

Nope! WiddyUP is totally free to get started and you take home 95% of everything you raise.

How do I know the videos are appropriate?

Every video goes through a two-step screening process. The first is done with cutting edge cloud computing software ensuring all content is appropriate. The second is done by our team. Yes, every single video is screened by a real human.

Can we do this as a whole group or team?

Of course. WiddyUP is super flexible so you can make it your own. Our community team can help with creative ideas and we have a whole page dedicated to helping you crush your fundraiser.

How long does a fundraiser last?

The timeline is up to you but we have found that the sweet spot is 30 days.

Can I see how my students are doing?

Absolutely. Your online dashboard keeps you up to speed on everything you need to know. From how many students have signed up and uploaded videos to real time fundraising metrics and a timeline to keep you on target.
We hope this helped! To learn more about WiddyUP head over to widdyup.com or drop us a line at info@widdyup.com. , Or, if you’re ready to start raising money, register for a campaign today.