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This Was Bananas!

2 min read

Getting an email from a fundraising chairperson early in a campaign is typically a transactional deal. Campaign dates need to be changed or a password needs to be reset or something like that. But when Danielle Alice emailed us a few days after her campaign kicked off, her brief message piqued our interest. It had only taken a little over 24 hours for the Schultz JH Bulldog Band to get halfway towards their fundraising goal and they would blow past their goal only a few days later. It was at that point we received Danielle’s message: “this is bananas!” 

Danielle and her fellow band director Matthew had set a fundraising goal of $3,500 based on their previous record. They figured that maybe because WiddyUP’s video platform is fun for the kids and returns 95%, they might be able to stretch it. They told us “if we could make five grand, that would be epic.” Fast forward a few days and both their goal and stretch goal had been shattered and “every day, exponentially it just went up and up and up.” So yeah, you can understand why Danielle sent us that excited email.

There’s not a lot of fundraisers out there that can be described as exciting (let alone bananas). Fundraisers are necessary, sure, but rarely fun. WiddyUP’s approach changes that dynamic entirely. Kids get to create and share fun videos. Donors get to see the kids they are supporting doing what they love. And the people running the campaign get to watch the money roll in. 

The Schultz Bulldogs learned firsthand just how awesome running a WiddyUP campaign can be. Danielle has been telling her fellow band directors “I can’t imagine a better fundraiser” considering “how little effort we put into it and how much profit we made.” We of course couldn’t agree more and we are lucky enough to get to hear stories like this every day. Whether it’s the fun videos, the $52 average donation, or getting 95% back of everything raised (or all of the above), groups are finding that WiddyUP is not just awesome, it is bananas!

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